May 2, 2024 | News from Stop Handgun Violence

Stop Handgun Violence is a non-profit organization committed to the prevention of gun violence

2009 Gun Show Billboard

We applaud the Biden Administration for implementing expansion of background checks as part of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. Stop Handgun Violence has advocated for comprehensive background checks on ALL gun sales and closing the gun show loophole for YEARS!! One of our favorite billboards, Gun Show, was a creative by the late Gary Koepke and his M! team.

Stop Handgun Violence is recognized for 30 years of GVP advocacy and awareness at the MA Coalition quarterly meeting.


April 3, 2024 | In Memory of Gary Koepke

Tribute to Gary Koepke

Gary Koepke served on the Stop Handgun Violence board for decades and was the creative lead for many of our most impactful Mass Pike billboards. Read more about Gary and his amazing achievements:

A Tribute to Gary Koepke

Donate to honor Gary’s legacy at SHV


Jan 29, 2024 | #SHV30 and MA Safer Act Bill

SHV30 first billboard

Gayle Miles, Kendra’s mom, shared her memory of Stop Handgun Violence. Our first billboard on the Mass Pike in 1995 paid tribute to her daughter’s life and 14 other children. Firearms are now the leading cause of death for children and teens in America.

We’re highlighting our 30 years on social media and newsletters. If you have a story, memory or photo to share, please send it to

The SAFER Act was introduced by Senate leadership last week. “President Spilka and Senator Creem pledged to bring forth a broad gun safety bill and it has come to fruition. This legislation is a step forward in keeping our communities safer from the rising epidemic of gun violence.” John Rosenthal, founder and chair.


Jan 18, 2024 | #SHV30 and Call to Action

30yr logoStop Handgun Violence was founded 30 years ago by John Rosenthal and the late Michael Kennedy. Initially recognized for the massive billboard campaigns on the Mass Pike, we are also proud of our advocacy and student organizing projects in the Commonwealth. Do you have a special memory or photo with us? Please send it to We’ll be highlighting our 30 years on social media and newsletters in the coming months!


Our Massachusetts elected officials promised to pass a comprehensive gun violence prevention bill before the session ends this year. Don’t delay and contact your Senator today!