May 25, 2023 | What’s Happening?

What’s happening at SHV?

Massachusetts legislation session has begun and Stop Handgun Violence is anticipating an Omnibus Bill. We meet regularly with our MA Coalition partners and have outlined our priority bills to include the following:

  • Prohibit already banned assault style weapons and large capacity feeding devices with 10+ rounds for the civilian market to be manufactured in the state.
  • Regulate Ghost Guns by banning the possession, manufacture, and assembly of ghost guns and 3-D printed weapons.
  • Industry Accountability and Gun Violence Victims’ Access to Justice by allowing for civil actions by victims of gun violence.
  • Crime Gun Data Reporting and Analysis of gun violence data that will allow the state to understand the root causes of gun violence.

Next month is Gun Violence Awareness Month

Show your support and WEAR ORANGE for Gun Violence Awareness Month in June! Tag social media using #WearOrange to help amplify the message that gun violence is a NATIONAL HEALTH CRISIS.

Soul Box project is an artistic focus on the gun violence epidemic. 1,176 soul boxes are currently displayed at Calvary Church in Arlington MA through June 12th.

We are protesting at the U.S. Capitol in June with survivors & advocates for an Assault Weapons Ban.

Help us get there with a donation!

April 20, 2023 | Solutions to Gun Violence

Every day over 100 will die and there will be a school shooting and a mass shooting of 4 or more people. If not now when do we call out the obstructionists in Congress who are standing in the way of effective gun violence prevention laws like we’ve proven to work in Massachusetts? ~John Rosenthal, SHV chair and co-founder

Watch John’s interview on Greater Boston here.

We helped organize and rallied with student activists from March For Our Lives at Harvard Yard last month. Read David Hogg’s speech on America’s nightmare here.

Have You Heard…

  • Washington will become the 10th state, plus District of Columbia, to ban assault weapons.
  • The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago denied a request for an injunction by Robert Bevis, a firearms store owner, while he appeals a ruling by U.S. District Judge Kendall that found the Illinois assault weapons ban “constitutionally sound.”
  • In response to the Covenant school shooting, Tennessee Governor Lee signed an executive order to strengthen background checks and called on the General Assembly to pass the equivalent of a red flag law.
  • Two months after the MSU campus shooting, Michigan enacts safe storage requirements and an expansion of background checks for long guns.
  • A federal judge denied Delaware gun groups a preliminary injunction in their lawsuit seeking to block legislation that bans assault weapons and high-capacity firearm magazines.

On Our Calendar:
APRIL 27th: Lesley University hosts Gun Violence Awareness webinar. Free but must register here.
MAY 14th: Walk for Peace on Mother’s Day to benefit LDB Peace Institute. Join the MA Coalition team!
MAY 18th: We celebrate 10 Years of the MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence. Get your tickets here.


March 23, 2023 | Take Action – Rally, Educate, Advocate!

TUESDAY 4/4: #ProtectKidsNotGuns Rally with MFOL @Harvard Yard 6-7pm! 

Saturday 3/25: RALLY with student activists and survivors at the Boston Common Parkman bandstand for a Safer Tomorrow.  Take ACTION and contact your Senator to pass AWB

1PM rain or shine; and free MFOL T-shirts while supplies last!

Monday 3/27: A Conversation with David Hogg on 5 years after Parkland at WBUR CitySpace in Boston. Both in-person and virtual tickets. Use discount code Hogg23 for general in-person tix.

Wednesday 3/29: Advocacy Day with Moms Demand Action at the MA State House. 

Tuesday 4/4: Rhode Island Campaign for Gun Violence Prevention at the RI State House. Meet at 3:30PM – follow the RI Coalition for more info.


March 16, 2023 | A Safer Tomorrow


We stand with student activists and survivors on Saturday March 25th at 1 PM at Boston Common to raise their voices and demand a future free from gun violence. Join us as we stand for a #SaferTmrw to #EndGunViolence!


My school, Sandy Hook, was a place to play, learn and grow. In 6 minutes, it became a place to run, hide and fight. – CJ Hoekenga, Survivor and Activist

My 7yo brother Daniel was murdered at Sandy Hook. When this happened, I was just about to turn 11. I was devastated & destroyed, but I was also in a state of denial for a long time, especially because I was so young. – Natalie Barden, Survivor and Activist

I don’t want to read about students hiding in their dorms. I don’t want to learn how young people’s worst nightmares came true tonight. I don’t want to live under the constant threat of gun violence. – Rachel Jacoby, MFOL Organizer

Be an adult ally! Help amplify and support #SaferTmrw:


March 1, 2023 | Monthly News


Gun violence prevention is not theoretical – it’s a choice. If urban Massachusetts can do it, every state can do it. – John Rosenthal

Read our full press statement here.

On Our Calendar:

  1. Wednesday March 8th: Unpacking American Gun Policy hosted by GBH Studios.
  2. Thursday March 9th: MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence Quarterly Meeting at the State House.

Stand Today for a Safer Tomorrow

We’re excited to support a Boston-based student led group committed to ending gun violence in America. Rally details coming soon!

Follow them on Instagram HERE

Donate to help fund student activists HERE.



February 14, 2023 | Five Years After Parkland, Another School Shooting


5 Years After Parkland – A Deadly School Shooting at Michigan State.

What We Know:

  • Three dead, five critically injured after a rampage on Michigan State campus.
  • After a 4-hour shelter in place, police found the shooter dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
  • Michigan gun laws fall short, and includes no background check on private sales of long guns.

Last year more than 44,000 Americans were killed and over 38,000 were injured with firearms, and gun violence is now the leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 19 in America.

This is a uniquely American public health and safety crisis. No other developed country intentionally allows unrestricted access to easily concealed handguns and military-style assault weapons.

Stop Handgun Violence is committed to gun violence prevention

Gun Violence is a uniquely American Crisis

Read John Rosenthal’s Boston Globe Opinion here.