Safer Tmrw Rally

State Legislation

Massachusetts Current Session Priority Bill

  • An Act Modernizing Firearm Laws H.4135 passed the House 
  • The Safer Act S.2584 amendment passed the Senate.

Key aspects of these bills include –

  • Codify the Assault Weapons Ban law
  • Ghost Guns regulations and ban
  • Sensitive places expansion
  • Live firearms training
  • Crime gun data analysis
  • Community Violence Intervention program funding

Next steps –

Both chambers will convene privately in committee toward a consensus bill to the Governor by July 2024.

Consensus conferees are Reps. Michael Day, Carlos Gonzalez, and Joseph McKenna; and Senators Cindy Creem, Joan Lovely, and Bruce Tarr.

Federal Legislation

  • Assault Weapons Ban, S.25 & Regulate Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Devices, S.298