Safer Tmrw Rally

State Legislation

Current Session Priority Bill

  • An Act Modernizing Firearm Laws, HD.4420

Key aspects of the omnibus bill include:

  • Codify the Assault Weapons Ban law
  • Ghost Guns regulation
  • Sensitive places expanded to schools, government buildings and polling places
  • Live firearms training
  • Expands crime gun data reporting & allow for academic analysis
  • Support for Community Violence Intervention funding

HD.4420 Fact Sheet here. Contact your state legislator to support the 2023 omnibus bill.

Federal Legislation

  • Assault Weapons Ban, S.25 & Regulate Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Devices, S.298

Contact your U.S. Senator to support S.25 & S.298.

SHV endorses the Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act. Sen. Warren (D-MA) and Rep. Johnson (D-GA) reintroduces this comprehensive legislation that addresses universal background checks, safe storage and more.