State Legislation

Current Session Priority Bills

Prohibit already banned assault style weapons and large capacity feeding devices with 10 or more rounds for the civilian market to be manufactured in Massachusetts. Contact your MA legislator to support and co-sponsor these bills.

  • Regulate Ghost Guns  by banning the possession, manufacture, and assembly of ghost guns and 3-D printed weapons in the state.
  • Industry Accountability and Gun Violence Victims’ Access to Justice by allowing for civil actions by victims of gun violence.
  • Crime Gun Data Reporting and Analysis of gun violence data that will allow us to understand the root causes of gun violence, how guns are getting into our community, and make evidence-based policy decisions to prevent future violence.

Other Bills:

  • Smart gun technology tax incentive program
  • Community Violence Investment

Federal Legislation

  • Assault Weapons Ban, S.25 & Regulate Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Devices, S.298

Contact your U.S. Senator to support S.25 & S.298.

SHV endorses the Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act. Sen. Warren (D-MA) and Rep. Johnson (D-GA) reintroduces this comprehensive legislation that addresses universal background checks, safe storage and more.